AD (Architectural Design), Volume 39, Number 6, June 1969

In the section "Treasure Island", a number of people were asked to name a special place in England. William S. Burroughs describes his interest in St. Peter's Building (1988) at 24 Peter Street, London, in this article at page 314 with a photograph by Simon Dell. 

Published in London, England by The Standard Catalogue Co Ltd in June 1969.

This copy was acquired from Il Mondo de Ieri Vintage Books (Milan, Italy).

Bibliographic Information: 

  • M&M C229
  • Not in Shoaf
  • Schottlaender v4.C225, v5.C226
  • Raven 19690600ADES.39.8
Selected Contents: 

  • letters
  • Ruth Lakofski: "Come back Narcissus – I love you/me" (essay)
  • news 
  • Robert Vickery: "Neat and nice in Rotterdam" (essay)
  • Rankin Ward: "Let there be light" (on lighting standards)
  • Nick Jeffrey: 
    • "Cal-comp plotter" (on static model computation) 
    • "Jobs for the month" (on Newcastle office precinct)
  • Robert Spade: "Information: invisible destroyer of form" (essay)
  • book reviews
  • Jasia Reichardt: "A floating gallery" (on QE 2 gallery)
  • various respondents, including William S. Burroughs, David Hockney, Heathcote Williams, Jim Haynes, Barry Miles, Mick Jagger, Peter Blake, Sir Alec Guinness, John Lennon, et al: "Treasure Island" (survey)
  • Robert MaCaulay: illustration
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor: Monica Pidgeon
  • Technical Editor: Robin Middleton
  • Art Editor: Avril Hodges
  • Editorial Secretary: Gilliam Heiser


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