Friday Review (The Guardian), August 11, 1995

Includes an article on William S. Burroughs by Will Self, reviewing both My Education: A Book of Dreams and Ghost of Chance, pp. 2-4. On the cover the title is "Psychodramas: The dream world of William Burroughs", and, at the article, "Strange cats".  Cover image by Don McCullin and another image inside by Nicholas Tikhomiroff.

This was published in London, England by The Guardian in August 1995.

This copy, which is just the insert section of that day's paper, was acquired from Kevin Ring of Beat Scene Press (Binley Woods, England).

Bibliographic Information:

  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4, v5)
  • Raven 19950811WREV.X.X
Selected Contents (insert section only):
  • Will Self: "Strange Cats" (review of My Education and Ghost of Chance by Burroughs)
  • Robert Potts: "England's unofficial laureate" (review of Peter Reading's Collected Poems, Volume 1
  • Giles Foden: "I'm your Handy man" (combined review of Charles Handy's Beuond Certainty and The Empty Raincoat)
  • Francis Spufford: "Inside their lovely home" (review of Evangeline Bruce's Napoleon and Josephine: An Improbable Marriage)
  • David Horspool: "Mademoiselle Murphy's Diet" (review of Duncan Sprott's Our Lady of the Potatoes)
  • Sylvia Brownrigg: "An office romance" (review of Rachel Cusk's The Temporary)
  • Elizabeth Young: "Princess of the vanities" (review of Ron Hansen's Mariette in Ecstasy)
  • Stuart Jeffries: "Now and Zenobia" (review)
  • Ed Vulliamy: "The alter-ego of Englishness" (on Cropredy Festival)
  • Jonathan Romney and Daniel Arteuil: "Versatile French master of the roles" (interview)
  • Michael Odell: "Hard soul seller" (on Sean Combs)
  • Tom Sutcliffe: "It's still all to play for" (essay)
  • Jn Savage: "Never mind the TV bollocks" (essay)
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