Blueboy, Volume 48, [Number 10?,] October 1980

Includes "Dinner with Andy and Bill" by Victor Bockris, pp.61-65, a discussion between Andy Warhol, William S. Burroughs, Victor Bockris, and Andre Leon Talley over dinner at 65 Irving Place, New York. Includes multiple photographs of the event.

Published in Miami, FL. by Blueboy Incorporated in October, 1980.

This copy was acquired from Bolerium Books (San Francisco, CA.).

Bibliographic Information: 

  • Shoaf IV.72
  • Schottlaender v4.C478, v5.C496
  • Raven 19801000BLUE.48.10
Selected Contents: 
  • letters
  • Rick Leed: "New York Briefs" (photoessays)
  • Mick Hicks: 
    • "San Francisco Briefs" (photoessays)
    • "Texas Briefs" (photoessays)
  • Nick Cuccia: "Muscle Head" (essay)
  • Alexander Barnes: photographs
  • Dave Waldorf: "Chicago Briefs" (photoessays)
  • various photoseries
  • Victor Bockris, Andy Warhol, William S. Burroughs, and Andre Teon Talley: "Dinner with Andy and Bill" (interview)
  • George Whitmore "Sunday Lover" (prose)
  • Bruno Schmidt: illustration
  • Joe Gage: "Kansas City Trucking Co." (prose)
Publishing Information: 
  • Publisher/President: Donald M. Embinder
  • Art Director/Vice President: Alex Sanchez
  • Editor: Dean Drury
  • Contributing Editors: Jerry Cohen, Mick Hicks, Rick Leed
  • Assistant Editor: Jeffrey Meisner
  • Assistant Art Director: Lynda Moran
  • Art Department: Ruth Dial, Eladio Suarez, Frank Fernandez, Gary Pummel, T. Albert Morton
  • et al.