Eureka, Volume 20, Number 11, November 1, 1997

[Note: this contains well over 200 pages of Burroughs-related material; generally only heading pages for contributions are shown above]

A huge tribute issue to Burroughs with over 200 pages of Burroughs-related material (in Japanese).  Burroughs-related contents include (translated titles):
  • Excerpts from Minutes to Go by Burroughs/Gysin (Corso and Beiles are uncredited at title), pp. 74-89
  • “Notes on Burroughs” by Marshall McLuhan, as published in The Nation, December 28, 1964, pp. 90-95
  • “Burroughs Meets Bowie, Bowie Eats Burroughs” by Makoto Makimoto, pp. 96-103
  • “Two Burroughs Styles” by Hiroo Yamagata, pp. 104-110
  • “William S. Burroughs Again” by David Blair, pp. 111-113
  • “My Burroughs” by Richard Hell, pp. 114-117
  • “Burroughsian Images of Non-Burroughsian Questions” by Toshihiko Miura, pp. 118-119
  • “Beats in Circulation…” by Shinji Aoyama, pp. 120-121
  • “That’s Right, Old Man, I’m Glad He’s FInally Dead” by Hayakuro Murasaki, pp. 122-127
  • “Drive for Immortality” by Naoto Sasada, pp. 128-144
  • “Cut-Up Closure: The Return to Narrative” by Oliver C. G. Harris, pp. 145-157
  • “Viral Materialist” by Tamaki Saito, pp. 158-166
  • The full text of Burroughs’ Cobble Stone Gardens, translated into the Japanese by Kiichiro Ochiyanagishita, pp. 167-190
  • A section entitled “Burroughs School” which includes:
    • Excerpt from “Politics” by Kathy Acker, pp. 191-197, published in Hannibal Lecter, My Father
    • Excerpt from “The Indian Mutiny” by Will Self, pp. 198-205, published in Grey Area
    • Excerpt from “SIM1\RE. LA. VIR.: OpenMeFirst” by Jan Ramjerdi, pp. 206-212, published in Fiction International, Number 29
    • Excerpt from “Stalker” by Harold Jaffe, pp. 213-217, published in Straight Razor
    • “Ticking Elvis” by Darius James, pp. 218-223, published in Blue Honey
  • “Wild Boys Tenseisu” by Susumu Ohta, pp. 224-237
  • “The ‘Cut-Up Soft’ Trap: About ‘Doctor Burroughs’” by Hiromichi Hosoma & Toshifumo Jinno, pp. 238-246
  • “Read Burroughs in Japanese” by Takaaki Iida, pp. 247-251
  • “‘Get Me a Picture of Death’: William S. Burroughs and Virus History” by Masaki Sawano, pp. 252-261
  • “O[rphan] d[rift]” by Tatsuhiro Nakajima & Ankh, pp. 262-274
  • “Propagation and Repetition of Burroughs’ Theory” by Shinji Yamane, pp. 275-277
  • “For Addiction Analysts” by Avital Ronell, pp. 278-289
  • “It’s Fun, It’s Fun, It’s Kind: What Was Missing From Burroughs’ Life”, by Keiji Nicholas, pp. 290-298
  • Listing of Burroughs’ Major Works (books, interviews, letters, films), pp. 299-301
Published in Tokyo, Japan by Seidosha in November, 1997.

Bibliographic Information: 
  • Not in Shoaf
  • Not in Schottlaender (v4)
  • Raven 19971100EURE.0.11
Contents (other than those noted above): 
  • Komimasa Tanaka: "Back From L.A."
  • Eiji Akesaka: "Bretzel, Bretzel"
  • Hiroko Takenishi: "Jonangu Rakusuien" 
  • Eiichi Chino: "Language Federation"
  • Natalie Zemon-Davis & Masao Yamaguchi: "In Search of a <Mixed> Strategy" (interview)
  • Sadazaku Fujii: "System (poetry)
  • Toriko Takarabe: "Dragon Shavings" (prose)
  • Kenji Fukuma: "Reason for Autumn" (poetry)
  • Chihiro Ishizu & Akira Uno: "Anagram Person Name Book" (art)
  • Ryu Nomura: "Week of Refinement" (poetry)
  • Shigehiko Nishi: "Gombrowicz and His Contemporaries"
  • Jerzy Jarzebky: "Two Rebellions"
  • reviews
  • essay on Oaxacan Art
Publishing Information: 
  • Editor: Yoshiyuki Sugawa
  • Publisher: Yasushi Shimuzu, Seidosha
  • Printed by Digg/Houeisha Bookbinding