Big Table, Volume 1, Number 3, Fall 1959

Burroughs appears in a notable endnote in Norman Mailer's essay "Quick and Expensive Comments on the Talent in the Room", pp. 88-100: "The ten episodes from Naked Lunch, which were printed in Big Table 1, were more arresting, I thought, than anything I've read by an American in years. If the rest of William Burroughs' book is equal to what was shown, and if the novel proves to be a novel and not a collage of extraordinary fragments, then Burroughs will deserve rank as one of the most important novelists in America, and may prove comparable in his impact to Jean Genet."

Published in Chicago, IL. by Big Table in 1959.

Not in M&M. Not in Shoaf. Not in Schottlaender (v4).